S+ Collection

We attach great importance to a harmonious collection in which the products do not compete with each other. They should be combined with each other without any difficulty, but more important to us is that they can be easily integrated into your surrounding.

System M Shelf

Vertical wall profiles allow the hanging of shelves and corpora in any ranking with different configurations. The hanging happens by bottom supports which can be frontal set in the profiles and which can be placed in the grid of 4 cm.

Design: Thomas Merkel, 2011

System M Sideboard

Horizontal wall profiles allow the invisible hanging of corpora in any width with different configurations. The same corpus can also be arranged free on feet or mobile on castors.

Design: Thomas Merkel, 2011

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Side tables




The Side table M05 is a mixture of side table, low table and tray table. The series consists of 4 tables in 4 different heights with 4 diverse trays: square, round, oval and rectangular. All trays are removable.

Design: Thomas Merkel, 2009
The tables of two identical elements combine the exciting contrast of the low strength of the material of the table surface towards the voluminous pedestal- like base. A play of geometric forms and the evolution of a 2-dimensional material towards 3-dimensional structure. Because of free choice of the color the tables can be adapted to the furniture.

Design: Thomas Merkel, 2015
The series of Side table Kanji is inspired by the characters of the Japanese language. Like the line weights vary with a bamboo pen in calligraphy so Kanji changes in the spatial observation: its shape is linear or flat depending on the angle.

Design: Thomas Merkel, 2014

Table M04

The attraction of the Table M04 is the visual lightness. The material strengths are extremely reduced and the construction is fully integrated into the tabletop. The characteristic is the single detail: adapter, which integrate the table-legs into the tabletop and combine the two elements also visually.

Design: Thomas Merkel, 2004

Lotus table

The appeal of the Lotus tables is in the detail. Table top and legs seem to merge into each other and yet the legs can be removed for transport. This table program can be combined with many different chairs due to its reduced form language.

Design: Thomas Merkel, 2014


From a typical connecting element for aluminum in 1993 the construction of a piece of furniture arosed.
In 2018, it was revised, simplified and supplemented.
Nito is simple, light, stands freely in the room and comes home assembled. Like a bridge, it is firmly riveted and is functionally supplemented by various accessories.

Design: Thomas Merkel, 1993/2018