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We produce furniture systems since 1995 and we have a long standing experience specifically with shelving systems. Through our close contact with retailers and customers, we have created products that cope with the daily needs and face the challenges of everyday life.

10 years of S+ Systemmöbel

Ten years of S+, that's right, but it's not the whole story either. We have already been manufacturing system furniture in Germany for 28 years. Our experience began in 1995 when we took over the production of a series of system furniture. Founded at that time as sdr+, we saved the furniture systems from being discontinued in Germany. Preservation was to be our task for many years and became our DNA. But in 2012, the licences for sdr+ came to an end and we were faced with the question of what to do with 18 years of experience and the Table M04 and the Side Table M05 in our luggage and decided to start something new.

S+ Systemmöbel was born: new production possibilities and our direct contact with dealers, planners and end customers, their expectations and wishes gave rise to a new system that unites two classic themes in furniture history, the shelf and the carcase furniture. System M by Thomas Merkel is the basis of the S+ collection today. Continuously maintained and further developed, it is popular with planners and customers for its flexibility and adaptability. Further additions to the collection such as the Side tables Kaiser and Kanji and the Lotus table were added in the following years. And most recently with other newly developed products such as Nitō, whose origins go back further than our own, S+ continues to move forward today.

We believe that life is made of changes and it is good if things can change as well, our own development has also taught us this.

S+, 2013-2023, a decade of furniture history, made in Germany
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10 years of
S+ Systemmöbel
Celebrate with us!

S+ Jubilee colour Papyrus white

Papyrus white is an elegant and subtle colour that brightens up rooms in a unique way and gives them a welcoming atmosphere. It is a colour that can be easily integrated into any interior and suits both modern and classic styles. Papyrus white is versatile and harmonises with other colours and materials.

Our jubilee colour Papyrus white is not a limited series and does not aim to achieve success through restriction. It is not loud or flashy, but has been chosen thoughtfully. A good addition that fits our timeless collection and complements the standard colours.

You can now find Papyrus white RAL 9018 as another standard colour in all our configurators.
"The colour Papyrus white has been with me for quite a long time. One of the many shades of white, of which there are infinite variations. White does not lack colour, but white becomes colour through light and shadow. Fullness is found here in restraint.

Papyrus white is reminiscent of celadon, resembles both water and sky and requires a second look. It has a thousand-year history and has thus long proven its timelessness. In combination with other whites it shows its individual character. A good choice for my kind of design, which is always considerate of what is there."

Thomas Merkel
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For exact colour determination during planning, we recommend the use of a RAL colour chart.

S+ Studio

In 2022, the door to the new S+ Studio opens in the centre of Cologne.
In the exhibition space, S+ will show the entire collection, including all new products.
S+ Studio - Mohrenstraße 21 - 50678 Köln


The furniture for S+ is exclusively produced in Germany. The collaboration with the companies we work today goes back to the founding of sdr+ in 1995. Companies that have achieved together with us our high standards: for quality, reliability and service. This is very important for us to gain your trust and to earn it. The following partners are system suppliers for S+:

Our system suppliers are responsible for the complete product, starting from material purchasing to manufacturing, assembly and consignment, to the preparation for transport. A shipper brings the goods to our trade partners at home and abroad.

Of course there are many companies in the background who provide the fittings, turned and pressed parts, wooden trays or other accessories. Not to forget the companies that manufacture our booths or print our brochures. All these companies make it possible that we are S+.
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Since more than 25 years Thomas Merkel is committed to this brand with his clear design. His wide experience is based on the collaboration with well-known designers and the realization of ideas into marketable products. His furniture for sdr+ and S+ are systems which can be individualized for the reason to integrate into the environment. They don’t want to dominate but to fit.

His work is quiet, balanced and appears always as a matter of course without asking questions. All his drafts show his vision of design: hence the table program M04 is a very ambitious creative and technical work of high aesthetically appeal.

For him, design is more than only an idea. The detail and the realization are the determining differences in the quality of the completed product and the standards he sets himself every day. His work is thought-out, the details are worked out, changed, rejected and then achieved in a new way. Not different at any cost but always better in details.

Until today his work is accompanied by numerous awards: Nomination for the Designpreis der BRD, Design Deutschland selected, Red dot award product design, if product design award, Designpreis für Dreidimensionalität etc.


S+ arised in 2013 from sdr+ and all shareholders of sdr+ continued their commitment for S+. But even new shareholders came along believing in the power of the idea of system furniture.
The following personalities are partners 2 of S+:

Inez Franksen
Thomas Merkel
Peter Reitinger
Peter Röthlisberger
Adrian Stettler
Finn Stoll
Jörg Stoll
Gunther Teich

Managing director:
Andreas Schäfer

2 in alphabetical order
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